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Beneath The Remains formed in late october 1996. Jimmy Heil on drums and Curran Thomas on guitar began to jam up in curran's one room efficiency in downtownWalden NY. Later that week, Matt Slater joined to play bass and the trio began to write some of the earliest songs like Ladder of Strength  & Crutch  which ended up on Beneath The Remains "Roots of Chaotic Disorder" demo, & within a short couple of weeks Cesar Bobadilla joined the band to do vocals. Cesar was known locally as well as in the New York Hardcore scene and was a perfect fit to the band. Beneath The Remains quickly acquired local fans who wanted to attend practice, as a result BTR moved their practice room to a garage in downtown Newburgh NY. By this time the band had written four complete songs and then decided to record a demo to hand out in the local hardcore scene. John Thomas the uncle of Curran Thomas recorded BTR's first demo which was a live recording on a simple four track. The "Roots of Chaotic Disorder" demo was recorded on 11/21/1996 and later remastered at Electric Reels Studio in pleasant valley NY.
Beneath The Remains then decided to acquire a second guitar player. Locally known guitarist Terry Post was chosen as his playing style was similar to BTR. Beneath The Remains then began to attend local hardcore shows to distribute their "Roots of Chaotic Disorder" demo and then proceeded to network with bands in the local hardcore scene to play shows. Beneath The Remains made their first debut in 1997 at the Avalon Skatepark  in downtown Newburgh NY, and BTR played a five song set that blew the crowd away. After playing a few shows Beneath The Remains was offered by Rick Healey of 25 ta Life their first split 7" on the Back ta Basics label.
As Beneath The Remains moved forward, they wrote and produced their second demo entitled "Self Destruction", which was a better representation of Beneath The Remains style during the time after the first demo & split 7" lp. The demo was recorded mixed & mastered at "Nada Studios" by Jon Naclerio on 6/15/1997.
Beneath The Remains new demo songs Mutilation of the Mind , The Gathering ,
Last Breath , & Storm of Confusion  quickly caught the attention of local hardcore fans which helped propelled Beneath The Remains even further in the NY hardcore scene. Just after the release of the new "Self Destruction" demo Beneath The Remains was approached by a local fanzine to do an article on the band that featured Beneath The Remains as the main element.
Beneath The Remains was then offered a second recording opportunity by Rick & his Back ta Basics label. Beneath The Remains wrote and recorded a brand new song entitled Cutloose  that was meant for the "A call for unity II" compilation cd. The song was recorded mixed & mastered at "Nada Studios" by Jon Naclerio on 8/07/1997.
Soon after the "Call For Unity II" compilation "Inner Dam", another band in the hardcore scene took the "Self Destruction" demo with them to France and while on tour. The demo was played for representatives from Inner Rage Records and after hearing the music, Inner Rage Records contacted Beneath The Remains to write a couple of new songs to put on their upcoming compilation. Beneath The Remains agreed to record two new songs and provide them to the record company for the compilation. Murderer of Millions  and Roots of Chaotic Disorder  were written soon after and were recorded and mastered at "Nada Studios" between march 13th & mach 30th 1998.
The "Inner Rage" compilation after being released made its way to Representatives from a European Label Called R.P.P Records  who after listening to the music contacted Beneath The Remains by Mail to discuss writing and producing an ablum. Beneath The Remains quickly responded and agreed to write six new songs for the mini cd that R.P.P wanted to release. The six songs were written over the next couple of months and later in 1998 Beneath The Remains went back to "Nada Studios" to record the six new tracks for the album entitled "Quest of the Lost Souls". Unfortunately due to differences in opinion with guitar player Terry Post, Beneath The Remains let him go just prior to the recording of the new album.
During the recording and production of "Quest of the Lost Souls", Jason Avery from "Painmask" was brought in to replace Terry for recording the album and continued to play shows with the band for a while after. The CD was released and distributed by R.P.P Records in belgium in late 1998 accross Europe and the Americas. The release was featured on the record companies distrobution list as a Upcoming Featured Attraction.
Once the "Quest of the Lost Souls" album was out, Sadistic Records aksed Beneath The Remains to be on a compilation called "This Means War". Beneath The Remains decided to use Quest of the Lost Souls  to be used for the compilation as it was the entitled track on the album.
Suffer Unseen Records too asked Beneath The Remains if they wanted a song on their upcoming compilation. The song Wounds of Time  was the first track on the "Quest of the Lost Souls" album and was the opening song for Beneath The Remains when playing shows. With the popularity of the song, BTR thought this would be the best song to have on the compilation.
The "Quest of the Lost Souls" album sold 19,000+ Copies worldwide, this catapulted Beneath The Remains by getting them on bigger shows throughout the scene. Beneath The Remains started to play shows with bands such as "Hatebreed", " All Out War", "Blood for Blood", "BioHazard", "Testament", "Meruader", "Madball" and many more, which still are proffessional working bands today.
In early 1999 Julio Garcia from "Eye 2 Eye" joined the band replacing drummer Jimmy Heil and Terry Post the former guitar player came back. The band at this point had been through alot and decided to focus on writing a new album with a new heavy sound. Up until this point the band had tons of fans at practices on a regular basis and decided to close off practice to work on the new album without outside influences. For several months the band Worked in secret on new material while still playing shows on a regular basis in the scene. The band then decided to go back to Nada Studios in Newburgh NY to record their new album entitled "Violent Elements".
Several weeks of hard worked payed off when the band completed recording of the album. With the release of "Violent Elements", Beneath The Remains had begun to make plans to travel to Europe to do a Tour. However, due to unfortunate circumstances soon after in 2001 Beneath The Remains tragically had to disperse until a later date. Over the next few years the band memebers kept in contact and in late 2009 Matt Slater and Curran Thomas decided to gather up all the Beneath The Remains material and built a website to get everthing out as fans that were still asking about the band and trying to encourage them to get back together. Over the Course of the next year Beneath The Remains discussed putting the band back together, a reunion show was offered to them which they agreed to do. Curran Thomas traveled from Tampa florida to NY each month to prepare for the show and after Beneath The Remains played the reunion show, they decided that BTR was cut short during their rise and wanted to give it another shot. Beneath The Remains released "Violent Elements" in late 2010 and also compiled a compilation called "Old School" that contained all the old tracks from previous demos and compilations.
With the release of "Violent Elements" and guitarist Curran Thomas traveling each month to NY, Beneath The Remains started to appear again on the scene in late 2010 and early 2011 playing a few shows in upstate NY. Beneath The Remains is currently writing a new album containing all new material which is expected to be released sometime in 2012. The band promises their fans that the new album will be everything they have come to expect from Beneath The Remains and despite all the instances that affected BTR, they have always remained true to who they were and their fans connect with them in a big way for the simple fact they are down to earth guys who have been to hell and back again, just like them and continue to fight everyday for what they believe.
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