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Beneath The Remains violent elements

Beneath The Remains Quest of the lost souls

Beneath The Remains Old School

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Next Show: 11-18-2017
There is a Benefit show on Sat November 18 th being held in Brockton MA ,Beneath the Remains was asked to play . The benefit goes to help the people in puerto rico with all the floods and devastation that hit them. We finally got the line up & show flyer , so heres the info. Anyone who would like to go please let us know , mayb we can have a large convoy and all go as a big group. Hit us up !

Beneath The Remains

Next Show 12-16-2017
Beneath The Remains is back playing a few upcoming shows , the band is Cesar Bobadillia ,
Matt Slater ,Julio Garcia , Shane Lake & Mark Cuomo. Btr will be making some new merch as well , which you can order direct on through there facebook page . Be on the lookout for them playing shows in 2017 & 2018. Are you prepared for the brutality ? The lofe i chose ! - BTR

Beneath The Remains

New T-Shirt Cmoning Posted: 1/12/2015
Beneath The Remains Sneak peak at the new shirt that will be getting produced soon, keep a look out to get yours when we get them in.
Free Give Away Posted: 10/12/2014
Beneath The Remains is giving away 180 hard cover copies of violent elements and 250 single cd's with the case inserts for the album. Handle the shipping costs and we will send you the cd free. Tiz the season to crank this shit up, get your free copy today! But hurry these copies are going to go fast. Email us today sales@beneaththeremains.net
Support the Cause Posted: 04/25/2012
Beneath The Remains Beneath The Remains is looking for a huge label to take on the band and fund all operations moving forward for the next album. We need our fans to come out in numbers and help us push to get one of these fat cat record label executives to take a chance on our ass. That one executive that takes a chance on us will become rich, push the word so the band can get full sponsorship to produce the full length album.
New Hoodie & T-Shirt 4 Sale Posted: 10/24/2011
We have produced another new shirt and hoodie for all you fans out there. After the show we were left with only a few different sizes but we will be restocking the shelves with this new design as this design is a huge hit. If we do not have your size, email us and we will get it made !
Beneath The Remains
Oct 14th Show @ PUB 151 Posted: 10/16/2011

Thanx to PRAXIS, DITCHDIGGER, INTERNAL WARFARE & BRICK BY BRICK for doing what they do best, every band sounded great and the show kicked ass ! Special thanx to PUNK! VS. FIBROSIS PRODUCTIONS for hosting the show and the friends and fans that came out to represent. We have uploaded some pictures of the show, just Click Here to open the gallery

Beneath The Remains Beneath The Remains Beneath The Remains Beneath The Remains Beneath The Remains Beneath The Remains Beneath The Remains
October 14th, 2011 PUB 151 Show Posted: 8/20/2011
@ Pub 151 - 151 N. Plank Rd Newburgh, NY 12550

From 8-11pm
BRICK BY BRICK: http://www.myspace.com/brickbybrick
DITCHDIGGER: http://www.facebook.com/ditchdiggerhc
INTERNAL WARFARE: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Internal-Warfare/180502641980091
Vintage Folder Added Posted: 6/29/2011
Beneath The Remains Here are some old pictures that friends and fans uploaded to create a vintage folder. These pictures were taken years ago and were never posted or seen by our fans. For other fans that may have pictures from some of our shows, create your account today and upload them.We will then review and post them in our main picture gallery !
Click here to view the Vintage Gallery.
Radio Stations Added Posted: 6/27/2011
We are thrilled to announce that Beneath The Remains is now getting airtime at some of your favorite metal radio stations world wide. We are in talks with more stations and will be posting their banners upon confirmation take a moment and check their stations out, support the cause.
Pic of the Week Posted: 6/25/2011
Beneath The Remains Direct from the photo archives here is an old picture of singer cesar bobadilla at the chance in Poughkeepsie NY letting the fans scream the chorus. This was one of many shows that marked Beneath The Remains energy that continues on still...
Ask the Band Posted: 6/20/2011
We will be recording video of interviews with the band members in two weeks. Submit your questions now so we can answer you directly. You can ask a specific member of the band or the band as a whole. Please limit the questions to 5 so everyone has a shot to get a reply.We look forward to this project and hope to hear from our fans...
Old Drummer Chunks Posted: 6/17/2011
Old drummer Jimmy Hiel met up with guitarist Curran Thomas in St.Augustine florida saturday night while partying in a hotel just off I-95. A bunch of fans and friends were present when guitarist Curran Thomas dared Jimmy to make himself throw up after a round of drinks. True to his nature,jimmy followed through and blew chunks ! viewer beware...
Booking Shows Posted: 6/10/2011
Beneath The Remains We were recently asked why we have not booked in shows in the last two months and we felt the fans should know why. Our drummer Julio practically cut his thumb off on a jobsite down in New York City. The tendons were completely cut and had to be reattached as you can see. After months of recovery, we are back practicing and working on the new album. We will be booking showing starting in august.
T-Shirt Contest Posted: 5/17/2011
We have had some new submission from our fans, check out some of the new work submitted on the contest pages. Make your vote today and the next Beneath The Remains shirt you see will be the winners...
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